Sample of Jake Shields vegetarian diet–

February 20, 2011 by jake  
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Here’s a sample of the Shields Diet:

Day 1

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit or sweet maple syrup. His favorite fruits are blueberries, strawberries, oranges, dried fruits and cantaloupes.
Mid-morning snack: Nuts and various fruits.
Lunch: A stir-fry dish with brown rice and vegetables. Shields will load up on whatever catches his attention in the supermarket, could be spinach, broccoli or any other green veggie.
Post-workout: A protein shake with whey or soy-based protein most of the time. He usually uses whatever his sponsors send.
Dinner: A few eggs, vegetables, either a tortilla or piece of toast, and either potatoes or sweet potatoes.
Late night: A snack of cereal with almond milk.

“I shoot for six meals a day,” Shields said. “Some days end up being a little more. Some days may be a little less. I don’t like to go very long without eating.”

Day 2

Breakfast: Three to four scrambled eggs with vegetables, followed by a workout.
Post-workout: A sandwich with avocados and a vegetarian patty. Later, followed by a protein shake.
Dinner: Burrito with beans, avocados and rice.
Night-time snack: Yogurt and cottage cheese.
Before bed: Another snack with dried fruit, nuts or cereal.

Shields doesn’t like soda and will drink coconut water or 100 percent juice drinks throughout the day.

Day 3

Breakfast: Oatmeal or eggs. If in a hurry, may grab a bagel with peanut butter and jelly instead.
Lunch: Eating out, maybe Thai food with tofu, but will cut this out of the diet when his training for the St. Pierre fight gets serious.
Post-lunch: Veggie burger or a veggie sandwich from Subway.

From time to time, Shields will go to Whole Foods and get soy chicken or soy steak. He doesn’t like to do that often because it’s processed. But for a change of pace, he’ll put it on a sandwich with avocados and vegetables.

Dinner: Quinoa, a whole grain, mixed with vegetables or eggs.
Late snack: Crackers and hummus, followed later by another snack of scrambled eggs and hash brown potatoes.

Shields tries to focus on eating small meals before training. Carb-based meals, but not greasy foods like Thai takeout, usually make the cut.

“I cook my own food. Sometimes my brother cooks my food,” Shields said. “I’ve thought about hiring a chef for before a fight. I’m thinking about getting a vegan chef and trying it out. On weekends, when he’s going out to clubs with friends, there aren’t a ton of late-night eating options. He’ll get pizza or Mexican food, but such snacks will be cut out around the eight-week mark before the fight.


4 Responses to “Sample of Jake Shields vegetarian diet–”
  1. ForestDemon says:

    I caught the fight last night and even though you lost by decision, in my mind you won.

    You displayed class and professionalism (before and after the fight) inside and outside the cage.

    You brought the fight to GSP and his camp in a way they did not expect. I guarantee he knew he’d been in a fight afterwards.

    You’re a tough and SMART fighter. I’ll be following you from here on out and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I know it will be good!

    Thanks for the show.


  2. lol, my girlfriend just sent the last message. Were big fans. Good luck. If you can delete, would appreciate it lol. She didnt realize I had account. I was just checking out the diet. Thanks. PS though, good luck to jake.

  3. Hey Jake! I have always been the biggest GSP fan, but always loved you in Strikeforce. You are incredible. Even when it looks like you might lose, you push through and have the will to win. Good Luck man. If you have time, I would love nothing more than a simple message from you. Would mean alot. I know your busy as hell training, and please keep it up. I gained so much respect watching you fight. Who have true willpower to win. I wish I could afford to come train at Gracie with you, but unfortunately, I never really had the luxury to be able to make it out there and train at Gracie. Im and a great fan, and good luck man.

  4. raven says:

    hey jake ummmmmmm…….. not sure what to say…… that i love u jake shiels an i would love to meet u in person <3

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